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Jan 2015
CJ Lazell
Jan 27 2015 03:52
evening. is being deprecated?
Jan 27 2015 04:59
@cj I cannot see why it would be. It's exceptionally useful (we use it a good bit). I realize that @meh is busy about other things at the moment, but if you're having some specific problems, please be sure to open an issue or ask around as I'm sure someone will be more than happy to chime in as they have time.
Slee Woo
Jan 27 2015 14:22
hey, when feeding a proc to javascript it is called like function_name(), right?
how to make it to be called like function_name.apply(this)
so instance_exec(&block) rather than
have a scenario where i get a block at class level and need it to be run inside instance rather than class :)
any clue?
Adam Beynon
Jan 27 2015 14:25
hi @sleewoo - the ugly way to do it would be the same as instance_exec
Slee Woo
Jan 27 2015 14:31
@adambeynon, thanks, trying
Slee Woo
Jan 27 2015 15:38
@adambeynon, any tricks on overriding new Something? )
meant how to make new run my code :)
Something is a Ruby class
ok, stupid question, ignore
Adam Beynon
Jan 27 2015 15:47
building anything fun with opal?
Slee Woo
Jan 27 2015 15:50
yep, trying to map Ractive.js...
Elia Schito
Jan 27 2015 23:23
adambeynon, you around?