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Mar 2015
Jonathan Cutrell
Mar 03 2015 02:17 UTC
Hi Opal people. Can someone tell me in short, what the ES6 support looks like in Opal? What I'd love to see is Opal -> ES6 -> (transpile) -> JS
Is that the case, currently?
Or is there a fork in which that is the case?
Elia Schito
Mar 03 2015 09:11 UTC
@jcutrell Opal compiles to js directly and tries to span browser support as much as possible, going through ES6 would be cool but I don't see any pactical advantage in doing so (also it would have double step sourcemaps and more indirection).
I'm not aware of any fork trying to do that. :)
@ylluminate I don't think there's anything, but if you come up with something would be cool to see
Fred Mitchell
Mar 03 2015 14:30 UTC
A question for all: How does Opal and Angular get along these days? I am thinking of switching away from CoffeeScript and completely into Opal, but will need to interact with D3 and Angular. Anyone with experience with this combination?
Ryan Stout
Mar 03 2015 20:53 UTC

@meh if your around, I wanted to confirm what I think is a bug in the promise implementation (though it might be intentional): { nil }.then { |v| puts v.inspect }

^ that should print nil, but I get 5. Is that intentional? Thanks

if I do a falsy value, it doesn't pass it