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Mar 2015
Jared White
Mar 17 2015 18:24
@flajann2 @adambeynon It'd be cool if someone wrote a comprehensive article/tutorial on how to take CoffeeScript code and rewrite it in Opal. I never got into CoffeeScript so that someone isn't me, but I think CoffeeScript'ers are a great demographic for Opal adoption because many of them came from the Ruby/Rails world and they're already used to the idea of source-to-JS compilation.
Adam Beynon
Mar 17 2015 18:30
@jaredcwhite yeah, I can see that. maybe worth looking into. I have drafted a backbone -> vienna style blog post as well a while ago
I guess foo.js -> opal style guides might be a nice section on the website
Elia Schito
Mar 17 2015 22:09
@adambeynon I'm seriously considering going back to context.require_asset for the processor, with a final Opal.load('application')
that would solve a ton of issues and difficulties