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Apr 2015
Cassio Godinho
Apr 08 2015 00:09
Any thing new about rubyfire?
Fred Mitchell
Apr 08 2015 11:35
Should I even bother with Angular with Opal? I am thinking I should be able to accomplish the same functionality totally within Opal. Same question for D3. Thoughts?
Jared White
Apr 08 2015 20:37
@flajann2 Well Opal in and of itself won't provide most of the framework-y things that Angular will provide for you. You'll need extra libraries. You could check out Vienna, or React.rb, or Clearwater, or some other things along those lines. We're all waiting for Rubyfire as well. :) Myself, I ended up creating a Backbone-ish framework for controller/view modularization on a big client project, and at some point I might extract it out into a gem but it's not quite ready for prime-time just yet.
Forrest Chang
Apr 08 2015 20:46
@flajann2 Depends on what it is you need/want to do. More often than not I find myself not needed libraries. The only one I've used in depth w/Opal is Lissio, which most ppl seem to not grok, but with React getting popular, more people might. D3 on the other hand, I'd just wrap ( I think someone took a stab at it already, maybe it was a blog post I read) coz it's too much effort to redo in Opal, and performance is an issue.
Just having real classes, sane scoping, and high level language makes a lot of JS libs/frameworks unecessary