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Apr 2015
Juan Francisco Giménez Silva
Apr 10 2015 18:45
Hi everyone
Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene
Apr 10 2015 22:30
@fkchang @elia: I noticed that as well, I'm wroking on a pure ruby gem that JUST does the HTML portion.
With some validation and static analysis built in.
Ryan Stout
Apr 10 2015 22:46
@adambeynon or @elia either of you around by chance?
Ryan Stout
Apr 10 2015 22:59

anyway, when you guys get some time. I'm trying to make it so I can run more of Volt in with opal-rspec. The big problem I'm running into is with jquery. Basically I would like to just not load jquery in the specs since I can stub the dom stuff that gets used. The problem is in one part of Volt, I do:

if RUBY_PLATFORM == 'opal'
  require 'opal-jquery'

Is there any way to make it not require opal-jquery when running in the specs? Thanks!