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Apr 2015
Colin Gunn
Apr 13 2015 01:19
An issue with Date class: #{} fails on call to #today (in tryopal and volt using opal-0.7.1). Similarly {} fails. But not {}. Seems wraps of Date methods which are implemented in Ruby are not compiled/visible in JS. Any help appreciated.
Elia Schito
Apr 13 2015 08:26
@balmoral /try has limited require support, maybe locally would work after requiring 'date'
Forrest Chang
Apr 13 2015 16:19
@adambeynon @elia @meh we should make something like this for opal - the beauty it would be so much less complex
Colin Gunn
Apr 13 2015 21:07
thanks @elia, works in local opal, but not in volt so problem must be there