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Apr 2015
Vais Salikhov
Apr 15 2015 13:50 UTC
@jaredcwhite The pleasure's all mine, thank you, Jared!
@jaredcwhite BTW your "But your kids are gonna love it..." post has been in the number one spot on all day today. Keep up the good work, this is exactly what Opal needs!

@adambeynon I updated to master and lissio started breaking down, I've been trying to fix the Lissio::Server part but I'm failing, could you take a look please?

I assume the problem comes from the upgrade to Sprockets 3.

Forrest Chang
Apr 15 2015 20:06 UTC
@ryanstout @adambeynon ironically I tackled the inspect thing for the same reason. I had to use a method I have in opal-irb that gives me just the "ruby instance variables" i.e. there are asserted instance variables that are not normal to ruby, i.e. for 0.7.1 there is @constructor and @toString, so I filter those out. I gave a coworker a monkey patch to run in his opal-irb