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Apr 2015
Forrest Chang
Apr 17 2015 17:25
@elia @adambeynon @meh what is the general guidelines on using Native vs not. I've been doing some stuff w/google maps and some other js wrappers to that, and I've been mixing it up, partly because I can only get some things to work w/o calling Native and using x strings. From the Ruby perspective, I'd like to use Native all the time, and minimize my use of x strings
Apr 17 2015 17:26
@fkchang personally I use it as a helper to build wrappers around libraries, but what's not working that forces you to go with x-strings?
Forrest Chang
Apr 17 2015 21:11
@meh I suspect it was a non correct conversion of types a few layers down, i.e. map.bounds.extendWith(arrayOfJsObjs), where I originally called Native on map. I started w/JS and converted, I couldn't get it all working, and ended up doing the x strings wrapping that worked