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Apr 2015
Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene
Apr 20 2015 00:48
@elia: Alright, I'm going to work on it I think. Not specifically the corelib, but rather a lib for doing that sort of thing.
Elia Schito
Apr 20 2015 00:49
Vitor Capela
Apr 20 2015 11:55
@elia Forgot to thank you the other day. Thank you :)
Elia Schito
Apr 20 2015 15:19
@dodecaphonic hi5
Jared White
Apr 20 2015 17:18
@krainboltgreene Sounds great. For some reason, every time I try working with URIs in Javascript it gives me a headache. A nice clean Ruby-esque lib would be lovely.
Ryan Stout
Apr 20 2015 20:34
@elia you still around?
Elia Schito
Apr 20 2015 23:06