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Apr 2015
Ryan Stout
Apr 25 2015 01:07
@elia so if I'm using, can I get source maps to work also?
its not spitting out the special comment
Elia Schito
Apr 25 2015 01:07
yes, bc that depends on the url you'll serve the file
save the builder: builder =…)
then build_str
then you should be able to access sourcemaps and single assets on the builder
don't remember the methods tho
also bedtime
good luck ;)
Ryan Stout
Apr 25 2015 01:13
quick question though
so I'm not seeing the comment in the original file, is there an option I need to enable?
I have Opal.source_maps_enabled = true
I can dig through the source to find it if your gone :-)
Jared White
Apr 25 2015 03:45
@yilluminate @astonj @elia Read through the tweetstorm with DHH and co. about Opal...this line really boggles my mind;'s great to invent a whole new framework from scratch in an obscure language (first version of Rails), but now it's not worth it to support Ruby in the browser? That makes no sense to me whatsoever. And for the record, I really don't like Coffeescript...anyway, mad props for making a valiant effort! :clap:
Apr 25 2015 05:46
i know, right?! precisely the same sentiment here.
pot, meet kettle
Apr 25 2015 12:00
You shoul’ve joined in @jaredcwhite hehe - I’m still getting replies and notifications for that thread lol
And I totally agree with you - it just doesn’t make sense.