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Apr 2015
Bernhard Weichel
Apr 26 2015 15:43
I saw that opal 0.7.2 is available. Thanks for all effort in Opal. May I ask if there are some release notes.
Apr 26 2015 16:55
@jaredcwhite try Promise#always on master, it should work as expected now.
Apr 26 2015 17:54
@fkchang found the issue, the loop is actually an Opal bug, string.gsub(/^[ \t]{#{string.scan(/^[ \t]*(?=\S)/).min.size rescue 0}}/, '') causes an infinite loop
Apr 26 2015 17:59
@fkchang and I just realized it's actually a bug that I opened on Dec 15, 2013, opal/opal#457
@fkchang it works on lissio because it doesn't use Paggio::Formatter