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May 2015
Vais Salikhov
May 07 2015 16:06
@elia figured it out. The parser was doing everything right. To solve the problem of Ruby's \a and \e escape sequences not being supported in JS, I had to fix it in the compiler. That was the "next step" I was missing. The final result is here: opal/opal#837
Forrest Chang
May 07 2015 16:17
I'm probably holding off on browser extensions indefinitely for the issues. Aside from not being able to show the value of the last evaluated object correctly if it's not a string or number, I do a have a working opal-irb chrome plugin. Is that of value to anyone? It's sort of like gdb/dbx/<fill in the cmd line debugger> where if you want to see the value you have to print it out out -- i.e. p variable so it works. The in app opal-irb will be superior in that you don't have to do that, but the chrome panel is cool in that you can attach it to an opal app w/o having to build it in.
Maybe I'll make a screencast and leave a question of "is this useful enough to release, given it can't do all the things I want?"
Adam Beynon
May 07 2015 16:30
@fkchang I stopped working on an extension because of the same reasons
something like opal-irb seems the better option