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May 2015
May 10 2015 00:07

@jgaskins No probs Jamie I’ll add you to the room :-)

We’re currently debating on the direction - whether we go for a screencasting outfit (which I think may be fraught with problems or take too much time to set up properly) or a syndicate style app that feeds everyone’s videos through, giving everyone independence and freedom to follow their own vision. Have a read of my post starting ‘Attention please’.

Mario Rogic
May 10 2015 03:23

Hey guys - I've been messing with Opal for a while now, including presenting it at a Ruby Meetup in Melbourne recently where it was pretty well received (demoed a WIP game and a FirefoxOS weather app).

I'm really struggling from time to time however, mostly with opal-browser not having docs, using specs as docs but them not working somehow (i.e. can't for the life of me get Interval to work, or Browser::Console, but then others like Browser::HTTP are fine).

I'm not sure if perhaps I'm missing something - but I'd love to figure it all out and even contribute back with docs. Can someone help, or point me in the right direction?

Jamie Gaskins
May 10 2015 03:49
@supermario Did you require 'browser/interval'? That one's necessary to require manually, same with require 'browser/delay'. Also, I've been using the GitHub version of opal-browser in my apps because I think the current gem release is pretty far behind it.
@supermario Also, the code itself is very well written and documented, so you should be able to find your way through it reasonably well. Some stuff in the gem, I'd really like docs for, so maybe I'll put in a PR for it when I get some free time.
Mario Rogic
May 10 2015 11:19
@jgaskins I was positive I had – but just tried again and now fine, so I must have made some mistake. Yep, I'm pulling straight from github in my gemfile.
Not trying to imply the code is poorly written or documented, just sharing I'm having a tough time as a professional developer (not ruling out it could just be that I'm daft), and wonder if beginners would fare much worse. If I can help that cause, I'd be happy to.
I guess i'll crack on some more, and keep watching issues to see if there's some area I can help out :smile:
Forrest Chang
May 10 2015 17:29
@supermario I've been wanting to write docs/a series of blog posts on opal-browser primarily because I feel nearly no one knows about it, and they end up reimplementing it when they don't need to. Also, someone needs to pimp @meh 's work
Though lately I haven't been using it much because it conflicts w/opal-jquery in places and the bulk of the opal I've been doing uses rails - I put both opal-browser and opal-jquery on an internal project, but for our app that just went to production on thurs, I decided not to fight the fact that rails comes w/jquery and our app already uses it. Some team members tried to pull it in, hit some issues and backed out
May 10 2015 17:33
fkchang, I could try to work around those if you know what was up
they should not conflict
Forrest Chang
May 10 2015 18:01
@meh I need to catalog what the problems were, I think 1 was that both set $document. I can ask the team if they remember what the problems they hit were. For the internal tool, I think the order I evaluated mattered depending on what it was that I wanted to do
Mario Rogic
May 10 2015 23:50
I'm finding less and less of a need for jQuery lately, especially with different approaches like React. Also – so yeah I'd agree, I didn't find opal-browser for a while and even then had issues until I went straight from GH repo. Would definitely be a stumbling block for beginners I think!