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May 2015
Forrest Chang
May 16 2015 01:28
@all I pushed up my initial take at tab completion for opal-irb demo video
Jose Bencosme
May 16 2015 12:36
Just got "The Changelog Weekly" mailing, and there's an entry regarding Opal: "Jeremy Evans has people excited about Roda. What’s he excited about right now? A Ruby to JavaScript compiler called Opal."
Jamie Gaskins
May 16 2015 14:08
@jeremyevans Awesome! I was trying to get Roda and Opal to play nicely a few months ago to get a Clearwater app going without having to use Rails, but since I was still learning Roda I didn't quite understand what to do.
@fkchang That is fantastic! :+1: I wonder if we could put that on :-)
Jeremy Evans
May 16 2015 16:33
@elia Figured out the issue causing #864 to fail. Local variable vs. method call issue. :)