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May 2015
Mitch VanDuyn
May 17 2015 01:12
Does anybody know if Method.nesting works in Opal??? (I don't think so :-) )
Mitch VanDuyn
May 17 2015 01:55
it is just returning nil
Forrest Chang
May 17 2015 04:04
@jgaskins w/o a "live objects", we can't reflect as much in try opal, that being said, I should look in to what I can do for editor completion. I could at least do constant, global expansion and dot completion off of the same. W/in something like opal inspector I can constrain things so I that I can determine things better
Elia Schito
May 17 2015 23:37
@jeremyevans eagle-eye! I looked at it a bunch of times without noticing…
Jeremy Evans
May 17 2015 23:40
So now that I've opal working well with tilt, I've been trying to convert some simple javascript I have in a project over to opal
Unfortunately, I guess my expectations for the integration with ruby and javascript were a little off
Hence my recent issue and pull request
Jeremy Evans
May 17 2015 23:48
It looks like if you writing a function that can be called with a javascript object, you have to manually wrap it (Native) and unwrap it (to_n), which is not going to be great for productivity, and at least strings can't be wrapped.
With things as they currently are, I can definitely see using opal when I want to share some ruby logic between the client and server, but using opal as a general javascript replacement is looking like it may not be worth it from a cost/benefit perspective.
I'd definitely like to change that :)