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May 2015
Jamie Gaskins
May 26 2015 00:31
@catmando FWIW, when I was playing around with react.rb, I was able to do this, which I found to be intention-revealing:
require 'react.js'
require 'react.rb'
@elia I'm not sure how well Clearwater would work with React, at least not in the same parts of the DOM. The idea behind both virtual DOMs is that they're the only things modifying their part of the DOM tree. Once they start colliding, results are likely unpredictable.
Jamie Gaskins
May 26 2015 00:42
@elia With that said, I think it would be a lot of fun to see if we could make react.rb components work with Clearwater. I'm not sure what that entails yet, though, because React's components are presented with just the class name.
David Chang
May 26 2015 15:57
Hey, guys. Just setup a gitter room for react.rb
Feel free to drop a line if you got something to be discussed or stuff to share :smile:
Rick Carlino
May 26 2015 19:44
. #shamelessPromotion f you live in Chicago (or have dev friends in Chicago) I will be giving a talk on Volt / Opal next month. Hope to see you there.
CJ Lazell
May 26 2015 22:20
I have this bit of code that I need to run and attach to the compiled opal right now I'm not using sprockets to compile for that reason, would it be possible to override sprokets to add it in