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May 2015
Forrest Chang
May 28 2015 16:14
@jaredcwhite So I dunno about others, but I'd be interested in a reminder to submit stuff for the opalist. The 2 weeks went by too fast. Thanks for including opal-irb in the issue. Though even with a warning, this was pretty swamped, Amazon told us Monday that they were going to retire our main server due to h/w degradation, so I spent the last 2 days rebuilding, testing and then deploying the replacement
So I wouldn't have been able to write something up. That being said, I'll target next issue
CJ Lazell
May 28 2015 16:34
morning. ran into a strange issue passing blocks opal/opal#895
May 28 2015 19:10
@all just a reminder that we're looking to get more community involvement, input and demos going for opal-phaser ( our goal with opal-phaser is to take advantage of this very robust and well accepted framework and make it absolutely as ruby-like as possible. we're using it for a private, rather large, application development project at the moment that we can't share, but we are more than open to getting some suggestions for demo games and such as well as input to make the api more ruby friendly.
Forrest Chang
May 28 2015 20:15
@ylluminate I'd love to read more about what you guys are doing w/opal. Surely there are some aspects you can write about even if you can't share about the large project?
Mitch VanDuyn
May 28 2015 20:33
@adambeyon - we were curious over on the react.rb (opal-react) gitter about where the name opal came from...
Jared White
May 28 2015 21:27
@fkchang Yikes, sorry to hear about that hassle! Yes I will try to send a reminder out the week before so people have time to get content ready.