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Jun 2015
Keith Salisbury
Jun 12 2015 09:23
Hi all, I'm doing a presentation to my company at lunchtime about Opal and I've compiled a gist with all the links I can find to useful stuff - if you have another useful link please can you let me know....
Sorry I didn't realise it would add it all here....
Gabriel Rios
Jun 12 2015 13:47
Is there any doc on native inheritance? I see that its used on opal-jquery Element, but I couldn’t use it. All the methods that I try to alias from my parent class are returning nil
Elia Schito
Jun 12 2015 13:58
@gabrielrios please paste some code
Forrest Chang
Jun 12 2015 17:12
@globalkeith I would use for the opal-irb demo, the jqconsole versions are much more fully featured than the homebrew console one. I would also include as it's a very broad overview -- start with coz the sound makes the difference, and then switch to youtube. All my blogposts on opal are here: - the latest one is probably pretty useful
CJ Lazell
Jun 12 2015 20:15
@vais @elia created a much shorter example :)
Jun 12 2015 21:24
@elia did that help or did you need a more concise example re: @gabrielrios's note earlier?
Elia Schito
Jun 12 2015 21:38
@ylluminate @gabrielrios you should open an issue with a bit more specific description of the issue, including what you tried and the expected outcome
quite busy these days, so I need it to be pre-digested :)
Jun 12 2015 21:50
thanks. i was afraid of that ;)
Elia Schito
Jun 12 2015 21:52
@/all opal 0.8.0.rc1 and opal-rails 0.8.0.rc1 are out, give it a whirl plz!