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Jun 2015
Chris Seaton
Jun 16 2015 00:00
thanks - just checking out how Opal does a few things
I was interested in how do you do method_missing in JS, but now I see your stubs technique
Shaun August
Jun 16 2015 01:38
I'm having difficulty using opal-jquery. Question is here:
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Ryan Stout
Jun 16 2015 04:42
@chrisseaton keep up the good work on truffle!
Jun 16 2015 11:35
Hi Guys, I think it’s threads like this where we have a really good chance to win people round - people who take the time and effort to put their thoughts together like this are often open to reason. Please drop by and add your thoughts too: //CC @ryanstout @vais @fkchang @elia
Jun 16 2015 18:08
@AstonJ unfortunately the posts you mention in the post are not accessible... even after signing up they're still inaccessible.
Jun 16 2015 18:13
You need to be part of the Strategies team @ylluminate - I’ve added you :D Can you see them now?
I think there’s 12 of us in the Strategies team over at MR so far :+1:
Jun 16 2015 18:21
lol, gotcha
Jun 16 2015 19:19
@AstonJ having problems with posting links sometimes...

tried to post a reply on this thread (
Just tried an experiment to see if these guys say anything: Twitter post Re: Macaw Scarlet

I think relatively small efforts like this might be worth a shot as far as reaching out and educating via infiltration.

was rejected saying that "Sorry you cannot post a link to that host"
also it appears that you've got a flagging issue going on. got this "Post hidden due to community flagging" message for all posts that i've made to your site so far
Jun 16 2015 19:25
There is a ‘newuser_spam_host_threshold’ setting in Discourse and it was set to 3 (posts) I’ve changed it to 20 - please retry :)