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Jul 2015
Jul 05 2015 02:02
@vais @elia I tried to get some better timeline info for you out of the sprockets guys to not much avail: rails/sprockets#68
Elia Schito
Jul 05 2015 06:43
Yeah saw that
Rick Carlino
Jul 05 2015 16:22
This message was deleted
This message was deleted
I got it to work for primitives, but Object is not possible
D'oh - found the answer in the docs. Dumb question
Jul 05 2015 16:54
RickCarlino, yes, it's called Native
require 'native'
Native({a: 1, b: true})
Rick Carlino
Jul 05 2015 16:54
Yep! thus my statement "Dumb question". hahaha thanks for the help.
Forrest Chang
Jul 05 2015 20:14
@adambutler (or @vais if he knows) I want to index stuff on compile, look's like I'll have to instantiate Opal::Compiler myself, export @sexp and then parse the sexp for information -- back to the indexing I want, I think I can demonstrate some of the stuff in browser to make a compelling enough example that people would very much want it on the backend too. Any tips?
on that note, how stable is the AST format going to be?
@adambeynon above was meant for you and not adambutler, but it's a bit premature, I think I can probably leverage node handlers for some of the stuff I want, so I might expose something else