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Jul 2015
Penn Su
Jul 06 2015 00:50 UTC
@AstonJ sorry just got to see your message. What would I do as part of the Strategies team if I join?
Rick Carlino
Jul 06 2015 02:06 UTC
Has anyone tried using opal as a compiler in RiotJS?
Talking about that, specifically. ^
Jikku Jose
Jul 06 2015 08:49 UTC
Has anyone used Handlebar templates with Opal?
Jul 06 2015 21:21 UTC
@pencilcheck Hey, no probs. Basically whatever you can help with - whether that’s code, code examples, docs, spreading the word, etc
If you join MetaRuby I can add you to the room :)
Penn Su
Jul 06 2015 22:47 UTC
how do I join MetaRuby?