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Jul 2015
Stephen Russett
Jul 10 2015 19:57
Hey, any performance comparisons between Opal and gopherjs?
or any pro/con list?
Forrest Chang
Jul 10 2015 21:17
@StephenOTT interesting question, I'd be surprised if anyone has looked at both. I've only worked w/Go a little -- a websockets proxy, where I needed the speed and concurrency. With Go being a simpler, non dynamic language, I imagine gopherjs ought to be faster performing, if that actually makes a difference in your app. That being said, Ruby is higher level and more flexible, so I imagine coding a complex app in Opal could go faster. That gopherjs supports a form of goroutine on top of js is cool, we should consider imitating that in Opal, since there's no Ruby example to draw from. I volunteer @meh to work that magic
Jul 10 2015 21:17
fkchang, not compatible with Opal's design