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Jul 2015
Elia Schito
Jul 25 2015 07:41
It probably loses all the time checking the dependency tree for modification which means doing a lot of io, there's the same problem in rails with template digests. In production the manifest is frozen and should be faster
@ryanstout ^
Ryan Stout
Jul 25 2015 17:17
@elia humm. Interesting. I'm more concerned about dev time actually, hehe. (2 sec reload atm)
it would be great if sprockets could use the listen gem or something to not need to stat every file
Elia Schito
Jul 25 2015 17:21
That's what I bought too, would be cool to have that in rails too
Torsten Rüger
Jul 25 2015 17:59
hey, i’m for that too. i have 3-5 seconds reload time. too much imho.