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Aug 2015
Rick Carlino
Aug 05 2015 00:13
Lmao @ @bbatsov 's slide that says "No need for a book called 'Ruby: The Good Parts'"
Colin Gunn
Aug 05 2015 07:51
FYI release of opal-highcharts wrapper for Highcharts javascript library and Comments and contributions very welcome.
Vais Salikhov
Aug 05 2015 09:50
@jaredcwhite this one opal/opal#1035 :blush:
Forrest Chang
Aug 05 2015 12:40
@RickCarlino I was thinking of making an accompanying screen cast when I release my opal-irb overview blog post. Then I think about how much better you are at doing them than I...
Rick Carlino
Aug 05 2015 13:11
@fkchang When are you releasing the blog post?
Forrest Chang
Aug 05 2015 13:23
@RickCarlino after it's proofread, would you like to look at the current draft?
Also in general, I had a request to release opal-irb as an "on" gem, delayed cuz I wanted to clean it up a bit, and also wasn't sure if I should do versions to match opal versions -- all the other minor releases, I had to rewrite stuff to match, I think 0.8 is the 1st one I didn't
Rick Carlino
Aug 05 2015 13:47
@fkchang Sure. I need to get part II of the ecommerce tutorial out the door, but I didn't have anything planned thereafter. I can take a look after this week.
Aug 05 2015 16:27
I am trying to use Forwardable and am getting a 'uninitialized constant User::Forwardable' in the try Opal and through Volt. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong.
Gabriel Rios
Aug 05 2015 17:14
@cire1776 I’m using forwardable just fine on a app, are you requiring it? (require ‘forwardable’)
Aug 05 2015 19:29
Thanks for the reply. I had copied some third-party code that had: require 'Forwardable'. It works in ruby, but the capital F doesn't work in Opal.
Elia Schito
Aug 05 2015 20:35
@cire1776 could happen in Windows i think, where the fs is case insensitive