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Aug 2015
Vais Salikhov
Aug 10 2015 01:33
@meh I usually comment out the jshint line in testing.rake while iterating in development, then enable it again before committing or as needed. On Travis I don't think there should be any way to skip jshint as it would defeat the whole purpose of it :wink:
Elia Schito
Aug 10 2015 14:01
@RickCarlino video request: volt without bootstrap tutorial :)
Jikku Jose
Aug 10 2015 14:38
Is there any Google Maps API related wrappers in Opal?
Forrest Chang
Aug 10 2015 15:29
@JikkuJose no, I might release some down the road though
Rick Carlino
Aug 10 2015 15:31
@elia I will be using bootstrap for life!
Elia Schito
Aug 10 2015 15:32
Torsten Rüger
Aug 10 2015 18:08
@RickCarlino one can never e to sure. Semantic naming for css is nice and just around the corner, coming our way.
@elia bootstrap was quite easy to remove, just remove the gems, dependencies and done.
btw , mongo can also be removed if one does not use store
Christian Käser
Aug 10 2015 22:47
@ylluminarious (maybe @elia and @meh): I have some weird problems with opal-phaser
I'm trying to write a wrapper for the "Phaser Isometric plug-in"
Beginning with the following:
module Phaser
  module Plugin
    class Isometric
      def initialize(game)
        @native = %x{
          new Phaser.Plugin.Isometric(#{game.to_n})
For some reason I get Uncaught NoMethodError: undefined methodIsometric' for Plugin` even though the debugger confirms that the method exists on the native object
Aug 10 2015 22:50
how are you calling it?
also you should include Native in Isometric and call super(\new whatever`)instead of assigning to@native` yourself
George Plymale II
Aug 10 2015 23:35
@dfyx hey, sorry for the delayed response. yes, as @meh said, i think you're missing an include Native for that class to work.
i personally use @native = `new Foo()` over super(`new Foo()`), but that's just me