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Aug 2015
Elia Schito
Aug 23 2015 09:12
I think putting together an "awesome Opal" site would be a good idea cc @AstonJ @ylluminarious @dancinglightning @fkchang
Bernhard Weichel
Aug 23 2015 09:37
@ylluminarious @Qqwy it seems to be pretty empty. I have created an NW application. But as a pity, I cannot extract an example. You could try to investigate This is all I did to integrate. You can see the Rakefile line 86 ff is the rake task to build the apps.
Torsten Rüger
Aug 23 2015 10:21
@elia i think documentation improvements are good, but is where people are most likely to land, i would start by improving that
Qqwy / Wiebe-Marten
Aug 23 2015 21:38
@bwl21 : That looks great.
I will try to get it to run
I myself am not that far yet; Right now I'm attempting to include opal-jquery to no avail
In the task file where I call Opal.compile() I have require 'opal' and require 'opal-jquery'. I have also tried adding require 'opal-jquery' to my main application.js (which right now only has a call to alert "hello world" that ought to work as soon as the library is included successfully)
What am I missing?
George Plymale II
Aug 23 2015 22:09
@bwl21 yeah, it is pretty empty right now. me and some other folks who own the project were planning on doing more with it, but haven't really had the time due to other projects and things getting in the way.
@elia by "awesome Opal", do you mean a site with opal documentation and tutorials or projects showcasing opal or both?
either of those things sounds good to me, as opal definitely needs some unified, good learning resources
Qqwy / Wiebe-Marten
Aug 23 2015 23:04
Turns out to make the compilation system working properly, I had to set up a Gemfile, run Bundle and use Rake
Qqwy / Wiebe-Marten
Aug 23 2015 23:49
I'm experimenting with Guard right now
It seems like a great idea to create an Opal guard, because that would allow for auto-rebuilding Opal applications.
(guard basically does configurable build tasks on file change)