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Nov 2015
Forrest Chang
Nov 21 2015 00:03
@wied03 I actually support all the module systems allows webpack to do all 3, hot reload is useful because data is separate from the module definitions, npm are all packaged as modules, knowing which modules to load and just those have to do with knowing module dependencies
Forrest Chang
Nov 21 2015 00:11
@fazibear my mistake that example is a live reloader not hot module reloader. I'll poke around and see if it's easy to add that
MichaƂ Kalbarczyk
Nov 21 2015 16:51
@meh Lissio added, all this stuff found with github search, I guess there are more.
@elia you mean the link to the awesome-opal or to individual gems ?
@meh If you know about any opal gem I didn't notice let me know :)