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Dec 2015
Elia Schito
Dec 28 2015 00:43
@JelF I'm not sure to understand, you mean like the documentation you see with opal -hor API documentation like the one you find on ?
Alexandr Smirnov
Dec 28 2015 09:48
Elia Schito
Dec 28 2015 09:49
Dec 28 2015 13:55
undefine and null will eval to true in opal?
How do I return false in native js code?return ret || false?
Elia Schito
Dec 28 2015 14:06
@jiayp yes, they're considered unexpected values, at least as of now
@jiayp you can check for == null that is true for both null and undefined
return ret == null ? false : ret
Jamie Gaskins
Dec 28 2015 17:35
@jiayp I do value || nil a lot in my JS unless I'm expecting JS-falsy values like empty strings/arrays/objects, 0, etc.