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Jan 2016
Alexandr Smirnov
Jan 06 2016 00:59
@elia yes, i checked that.
Elia Schito
Jan 06 2016 01:10
fixed it on master anyway
@meh anything against removing support for 1.9.3 from master?
Jan 06 2016 01:11
elia, nah
Bernhard Weichel
Jan 06 2016 09:47
I would like to apply webworkers in my opal application. Are there any ideas, pattern, instuction, libraries fot this?
Bernhard Weichel
Jan 06 2016 11:53

My app uses

object = `{a:1}`
the_class = object.class.to_s

With opal 0.8.0 RUBY_RELEASE_DATE: "2015-07-16" it yields "Object"

With opal 0.8.0.beta 1 (RUBY_RELEASE_DATE: (2015-02-14) it yields "Native::Object"
With opal 0.9.0.beta 1 (RUBY_RELEASE_DATE: (2015-12-20) it also yields "Native::Object"

Could it be that this was changed back and forth and eventually did not make it into

Isn't this a backwards compatibility issue? At least my application was impacted.

Bernhard Weichel
Jan 06 2016 12:11
Of course this change is absolutely reasonable
Bernhard Weichel
Jan 06 2016 14:48

Tried again

puts Native(`{a:1}`).class.to_s   # Native::Object
puts Native(`[1]`).class.to_s      # Array

This seems to be a bit inconsistent.