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Jan 2016
Elia Schito
Jan 22 2016 09:47
Benoit Daloze
Jan 22 2016 10:32
@elia That would be awesome!
Elia Schito
Jan 22 2016 10:36
@eregon but I have the suspect that many of those files are because of unsupported syntax, and some of them could be enabled after the great work done by @alexdowad
@eregon also personally I was ready to go 1.0 in 2012 :P when I started to use opal in production :) but @vais had the smart idea of binding The release to the passing of the language specs
Benoit Daloze
Jan 22 2016 12:18
From the experience with JRuby+Truffle, the last 5-10% is really hardcore, so I think a 90% coverage would already be a very significant milestone.
The core library is also pretty important, but I would guess there the users tend to ask or add the missing functionality they need (i.e.: probably no much point in having all the encoding stuff in Opal)
Elia Schito
Jan 22 2016 13:04
@eregon indeed, there's a number of things that are useful just to make existing libs work, but they add little value otherwise
btw congrats in passing all those specs! :D
Loïc Boutet
Jan 22 2016 23:49
Hi all

has anyone already encountered :

/gems/opal-rails-0.8.0/lib/opal/rails/engine.rb:34:in `block in <class:Engine>': undefined method `append_path' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

when having opal-rails installed?

looks to me that some opal path is not set, but I don t see anywhere in the working apps I have where it should be defined