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Jan 2016
Ilya Bylich
Jan 27 2016 12:17
@elia There are 4 other PRs that you can merge (I guess). Could you review them please? :smile:
Martin Becker
Jan 27 2016 12:21
This message was deleted
I have a question about sprockets, since there is no sprockets gitter(that I can find) I can only really ask it here
so I'm trying to use the materializecss framework but it's trying to load fonts
this wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that it keeps trying to load them as /font/some_font.ttf
when it needs to be /assets/font/some_font.ttf
how do I get sprockets to deal with it?
Elia Schito
Jan 27 2016 12:55
@Thermatix you should open an issue on rails/sprockets, and ask them to add docs for it, maybe under FAQ or troubleshooting
Elia Schito
Jan 27 2016 15:01
@iliabylich need to find the time to review, but I'll get to them, eventually :)
Mitch VanDuyn
Jan 27 2016 16:14
@/all questions about uglification... so its taking about 15 minutes to uglify our assets on deploy. Is there any way to "pre-uglifiy" JS and opal assets (i.e those that are coming from gems, and libraries)... that would save some time.
and will the pipeline be smart enough not to try to re-uglifiy these guys?
Elia Schito
Jan 27 2016 16:17
I'm using an opal-collapsed.js.erb that replaces opal in require "opal"
the contents being:
//= depend_on opal
<%= Rails.application.assets['opal'].to_s %>
not sure it saves time during uglification tho
I use that to reduce the number of external js requests in development
Mitch VanDuyn
Jan 27 2016 18:44
Looks like <%= javascript_include_tag "application" %> magically generates the opal includes... is that right? If so is there a way to get the same code without calling javascript_include_tag? Specifically we are optimizing initial page load time, and are loading application.js manually after page is loaded (because we are prerendering everything.
Elia Schito
Jan 27 2016 22:30
@catmando there's similar code in Opal::Sprockets.javascript_include_tag and in OpalHelper from opal-rails, let me get the links