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Jan 2016
Ilya Bylich
Jan 30 2016 00:47
But.. but it solves the issue...
Vais Salikhov
Jan 30 2016 04:56

probably the first legitimate use of with I saw in my life

@elia indeed! I think this is also a perfect example of two wrongs make a right: eval and with :wink: @iliabylich kudos for creative and elegant solution, jshint be damned! Just apply the inline jshint special comments like @elia demonstrated above, it should make jshint happy. I wouldn't go as far as removing the entire rule from jshintrc cause with usually is a Bad Idea, but in this case it's just what the doctor ordered, :+1:

Jamie Gaskins
Jan 30 2016 05:02
@elia @vais @iliabylich with is likely discouraged by the linter because it makes a function unoptimizable. But so does eval and since the entire body of the function is with and eval, there isn't much you can do about it. It's not a performance-sensitive code path because it's freshly compiled code executed once. Safe to ignore in this case.
Vais Salikhov
Jan 30 2016 06:23
@jgaskins my point exactly :smile: Rare case indeed :beers:
Jan 30 2016 06:51