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Mar 2016
Ilya Bylich
Mar 03 2016 11:57
@elia opal/opal#1376 - I've added spec/filters/bugs/method.rb to the test suite and got ~50 broken specs. I'm not sure whether these specs were broken before (there were no filters for them in /bugs or /unsupported)
If I'm the first one who was able to successfully compile this spec - then it's fine, it explains why all these specs are not filtered yet
Elia Schito
Mar 03 2016 12:05
@iliabylich yes, I think you're the first one enabling spec/ruby/language/method_spec :) also some time ago I removed all unused filters, so even if there were any filter for method_spec it's gone by now
Mitch VanDuyn
Mar 03 2016 20:52
@meh - any chance you can join us at