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Apr 2016
Forrest Chang
Apr 21 2016 16:12
I wanna pimp @elia 's talk from wrocloverb -- Thought it was a good intro overview of what opal is and why Rubyists should try it (still shocked at how largely unknown it is to the Ruby community at large), I liked the slides themselves quite a bit
George Plymale II
Apr 21 2016 17:28
@elia nice talk! your tetris port was really interesting; reminds me of things that i've done with opal games and ports. i have to say, developing games with opal is a pretty fun process :D
Elia Schito
Apr 21 2016 17:30
@ylluminarious you should write about that! send them to peter cooper for rubyweekly and stuff!
@fkchang hey thanks! didn't know the video was up untill now! :D
George Plymale II
Apr 21 2016 17:31
@elia not a bad idea, thanks for the tip :)