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May 2016
Jamie Gaskins
May 02 2016 02:38
@wied03 Yeah, I was hoping for something like the Sprockets::FileCache. Looking at the code for Opal::Builder, though, it doesn't look like it supports it.
Elia Schito
May 02 2016 11:14
@jgaskins there's an old cache-related PR from adam, maybe you can give it a try (if it merges cleanly with master), if it works well it can be merged in master I guess…
Brady Wied
May 02 2016 14:55
@jgaskins - Why would you want to cache directly with Builder without some higher level code doing it ?
Jamie Gaskins
May 02 2016 18:37
@wied03 In Roda, this is the only way I know of to get an Opal app working:
class App < Roda
  plugin :assets, js: ['test.rb'], js_opts: { builder: }
  compile_assets # This only runs once, at app startup
Brady Wied
May 02 2016 18:41
@jgaskins - @cj has done work with Roda and Opal. Perhaps he can shed some light on what he does
CJ Lazell
May 02 2016 19:35
@jgaskins I just use webpack with roda :)