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May 2016
Jared White
May 13 2016 15:15
hey all - in case anyone notices in the next little while, is down -- I'm moving off of Squarespace and onto a Jekyll-based site. Probably will host it on GitHub as an open source project so that would allow anyone to contribute!
Martin Becker
May 13 2016 15:24
@catmando just make sure to check the code it generates, I might have made a mistake.
Hassan Alin
May 13 2016 15:59
Does anyone know how to convert an entire project using opal in an easier way than compiling every file?
Mitch VanDuyn
May 13 2016 16:22
Brady Wied
May 13 2016 16:26
@superalin98 - Can't think of any reason why you'd ever need to manually compile a file in a real project
whether you use opal-webpack or sprockets via Rails/etc., that all happens automatically
only time I manually compile something is when I'm testing/POCing/developing on opal itself
Jared White
May 13 2016 17:02
All right, is back up and running on GitHub Pages. Repo is here: -- feel free to contribute however you like!