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Jun 2016
Martin Becker
Jun 05 2016 18:09
Opalgate? is now customary to attach 'gate' to scandal? also what happened?
Brock Wilcox
Jun 05 2016 19:54
@Thermatix Opalgate is a now-completely-resolved incident ultimately leading to a Code-of-Conduct being adopted for Opal. Google will give you TONS of gory and nasty details (in all directions) -- but basically a huge fight broke out on a github issue request asking to kick people off of the project for behavior outside of the project (which is quite rude, in my opinion, and unsurprising that it led to a fight). It has been an unfortunately notable incident in ongoing debates about social responsibility in open source projects, especially because it's hard for folks to realize that it has been resolved -- there is no ongoing issue in the Opal project that I know of.
Adam Beynon, as I understand it, was a bit part of the resolution. I guess dougo's hypothesis was that it was still stressful enough to run Adam out. But I've only been hanging out here a few weeks, so don't know
George Plymale II
Jun 05 2016 19:57
@Thermatix apparently it is customary to attach "gate" to a given scandal topic:
Martin Becker
Jun 05 2016 21:59
@ylluminarious huh, so that's an actual thing, go figure.