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Jun 2016
Elia Schito
Jun 07 2016 00:02
@/all I'm about to release 0.9.3 which contains just a minute fix, but given the recent problems rubygems had with symlinks if someone can confirm gets installed without errors? Please try on as many versions of ruby as you can (thanks!)
Mitch VanDuyn
Jun 07 2016 00:05
@jaredcwhite - nice post on Reddit :beers:
Jonathan Simpson
Jun 07 2016 06:43
big thanks to @jaredcwhite and @fkchang, using their various blog posts i was able to introduce opal to a legacy rails app with specs (!!).. extra big thanks to @fkchang for helping me find the motivaton to do it in the first place :smile:
Forrest Chang
Jun 07 2016 16:06
@catmando thanks for the kudos, same article I posted last week but reposted to medium, I'm trying that "dual publishing" thing that some ppl recommend
@jsimpson your welcome! Might I ask which posts you found the most helpful?
Jared White
Jun 07 2016 16:14
@jsimpson awesome! Glad to hear. @catmando sure thing! :beer:
Jamie Gaskins
Jun 07 2016 16:18

@jaredcwhite You could, but is there any value in making an assumption about how the app using your library is loading Opal?

In general, I'm all for loading all dependencies of your code in the same file, and the runtime is definitely a dependency. :-) However, I kinda consider it similarly to running MRI or RSpec on the server. You can safely assume the Ruby runtime is loaded. Similarly, specs generally only load the code they're specifying; RSpec is assumed to be loaded elsewhere.