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Jun 2016
Jonathan Simpson
Jun 08 2016 01:20
@fkchang honestly, most of them, but your most recent post about refactoring opal-hot-reloader helped me sort out some confusion I had about rspec and writing specs
Vais Salikhov
Jun 08 2016 09:47
@fkchang thanks :smile: Day job and family been keeping me busy
Brady Wied
Jun 08 2016 17:36
FYI, i toyed around with React Native and Opal,, still some decent obstacles there
and things w/ React native have changed a lot since zetachang's original sample
Mitch VanDuyn
Jun 08 2016 17:57
@wied03 cool!
Mitch VanDuyn
Jun 08 2016 21:23
opal-rails depends on opal-rspec 0.4.3 ??? so there is no way to run opal-rspec 0.5 with opal rails unless you take latest opal-rails from master?
Brady Wied
Jun 08 2016 22:01
all roads run through elia :)
Elia Schito
Jun 08 2016 23:52
heyhey :D
@wied03 the new opal-rails has no direct opal-rspec bound, and I started som work around opal-rspec-rails, but I'm kinda stuck on that for lack of time (surprise!) could definitely use some help there