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Jun 2016
Jikku Jose
Jun 21 2016 10:14
Trying Opal with webpack, seem to be stuck with an error.

Any idea what this is:

ERROR in ./~/imports-loader!/Users/jikkujose/.gem/ruby/2.2.2/gems/opal-0.9.4/opal/corelib/runtime.js Module build failed: Error: Couldn't find preset "es2015" relative to directory "/Users/jikkujose/.gem/ruby/2.2.2/gems/opal-0.9.4/opal/corelib"

Elia Schito
Jun 21 2016 10:23
looks something webpack specific, cc @fkchang
Forrest Chang
Jun 21 2016 16:57
@JikkuJose what's your setup. The error msg seems to be pretty clear, es2015 preset can't be referenced however it's being specified
Jared White
Jun 21 2016 17:03
@elia Sure, sign me up (doing guest post)
Forrest Chang
Jun 21 2016 17:20
@/all I think this might be useful for setting up tests suites and supporting multiple versions of rails
Elia Schito
Jun 21 2016 21:23
@jaredcwhite 👍🏼 great!
Mitch VanDuyn
Jun 21 2016 23:27
@/all cleaning up reactrb code: Does anybody have any ideas why @zetachang originally used "method_missing" to handle calls to tag method? i.e. div(...) is handled as method missing rather than being defined a normal method. Effeciency? I am assuming that if did a
include HtmlTags
it would be better in all respects than handling every call to a tag, as a method missing that then looks the tag up????