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Jun 2016
Martin Becker
Jun 27 2016 15:02 UTC
for the things that the browser does support, why not monkey-patch in interfaces so that when the gems make calls to those things, it simply-redirects any calls to the correct classes/methods
and for the things that don't, error with somthing helpfull?
Mitch VanDuyn
Jun 27 2016 20:24 UTC
@wied03 @elia not sure where to report this, but I just down graded from opal 9x to opal 8x, and neither opal-rspec or opal-rails reported an issue, but stayed at version 0.9. As a result I had one test spec failing due to this error:
undefined method `load_asset' for Opal::Sprockets:Module
once I forced forced opal-rails back to 0.8.1 everything was fine... seems like or both gems requires opal >= 0.8??
I'm reporting here, because I'm not sure when gem should get the issue...