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Jul 2016
Brady Wied
Jul 13 2016 18:51
@dougo - Ideally, yes. These are the same sort of things that Rubocop would pick up if we had that as part of the build. I think most of us have our hands full with unit tests and rubyspecs
Doug Orleans
Jul 13 2016 20:01
Yeah I wasn't complaining, just wondering if I were to work on it if a PR would be accepted
I know some people are hostile to the idea of complying with linters
I only noticed because Rake::TestTask in v11 turns on warnings by default.
Brady Wied
Jul 13 2016 20:38
I can't speak for the Opal team per se since I only run opal-rspec. I personally wouldn't mind it. I used to hate linters too until I embraced the notion of putting exclusions into source control. At least then you have consistent standards to your liking
Jul 13 2016 20:57
@dougo as far as I'm concerned it depends on the kind of lint