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Jul 2016
Guillaume Grossetie
Jul 18 2016 09:19
I'm frequently hitting an error when running mspec_ruby_nodejs: The rescue keyword parses 'a += b rescue c' as 'a += (b rescue c)' ERROR
does anyone have a clue about this error ?
Ilya Bylich
Jul 18 2016 11:01
@Mogztter Are you getting this error on master?
And do you run the full rubyspec test suite?
Guillaume Grossetie
Jul 18 2016 15:10
@iliabylich yes and I'm running bundle exec rake mspec_ruby_nodejs
Doug Orleans
Jul 18 2016 22:44
What's the status of adding optparse to stdlib? Has anyone started working on it? Is there any expectation that it wouldn't just run as-is from MRI source?