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Jul 2016
Forrest Chang
Jul 26 2016 16:58
@elia haven't used yaml from opal -- not certain I'd want to, figuring that json config (or the opal equivalent) is preferred in the browser. Not really sure how popular yaml is these days, seems like JSON has become the lingua franca for that type of data config going forward
@/all wondering if making some that "wraps" opal classes to make it easier to consume via JS would be something that would be either useful for opal, or help make it more popular. In wrapping, making something that could drop all the $'s in the methods from the JS side.
Jared White
Jul 26 2016 20:56
@/all Hey...coming up for air here and ready to send out an Opalist issue tomorrow morning (US Pacific TZ). If there's any news, gems, updates, whatever you'd like to see in it, let me know. (email is best -
Doug Orleans
Jul 26 2016 23:21
What's the difference between Module#alias_native and Native::Helpers#alias_native?
Doug Orleans
Jul 26 2016 23:29
seems like the latter converts its arguments to native while the former doesn't.
Ilya Bylich
Jul 26 2016 23:29
@dougo Both of them take the name of the Ruby method and the name of JS property. Module#alias_native(:rubyMethod, :jsProperty) generates an alias to self.jsProperty(), Native::Helpers#alias_native generates a method that delegates jsProperty to its @native. It's all about delegation.
Doug Orleans
Jul 26 2016 23:30
yes, but also what I said :)
but, thanks, I hadn't thought about that distinction also.