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Aug 2016
Mitch VanDuyn
Aug 08 2016 19:43
@elia - how come opal-rspec-rails is locked at 0.9.x?
Elia Schito
Aug 08 2016 19:45

Opal-rspec is very complex and has a bunch of patches specific for each Opal version , I think master works fine with 0.10 tho

Cc @wied03

Mitch VanDuyn
Aug 08 2016 20:53
Yeah but master is still locked at 9... I'll try a fork and see how it goes
Brady Wied
Aug 08 2016 20:55
master is not locked @ 9
s.add_dependency 'opal', ['>= 0.10.0', '< 0.11']
there's a beta release out on rubygems already. i need to make it final
@elia - Have you used the beta enough to declare it good ?