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Sep 2016
Ben Oakes
Sep 02 2016 15:22
@fkchang I thought you might appreciate knowing I showed this at the Iowa City Ruby meetup yesterday... Just trying to help people become aware of Opal (and make it easier to get started).
Forrest Chang
Sep 02 2016 17:45
@benjaminoakes cool. I've had some ideas for the "easier to get started" for a while, think I have a new angle, not sure I'll have the time to implement though
Mitch VanDuyn
Sep 02 2016 19:01
@/all I am feeling stupid as usual... I'm sure I asked this already... how does one get opal-rspec-rails going with opal 0.10?
Jared White
Sep 02 2016 19:10
Hey folks -- I just wanted to put this out there...I don't mind sending out an Opalist newsletter every now and then, but the fact is I'm not able to spend much time anymore working with or on Opal-related projects. Not by choice, mind you, but it's the reality of the projects and workload I have a present. If anyone else out there would like admin access to work on the Opalist website and/or newsletter, let me know. Site's Jekyll-based and hosted on GitHub now, newsletter runs off of
Forrest Chang
Sep 02 2016 19:48
@jaredcwhite I'm up for helping, dunno exactly when, I've a few things in the burner for the near future, but maybe there will be a good pattern in our respective lulls to keep it going
Sep 02 2016 20:36
@jaredcwhite @fkchang I'm willing to help out with the newsletter. Just let me know the details.