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Sep 2016
Ilya Bylich
Sep 09 2016 11:32
@fkchang Did you have a chance to take a look at opal/opal#1560 ? It might close opal/opal#840 reported by you. Any comments/suggestions?
Forrest Chang
Sep 09 2016 17:54
@iliabylich I like it, I was hoping to extract the actual code from the method for some cool tooling. I suppose I could work something out though I'll need to think about how I can do it both embedded in the app and from opal-console (not exactly sure how to get chrome devtools to give me 'arbitrary access' to files on the user's computer -- might be non secure)
Sep 09 2016 23:07
@Mogztter @jgaskins One use case I see for AWS Lambda is offloading computationally intensive operations from a front-end app. Have a pretty complex data filter in a Clearwater app. If there was much more data it may be cool to send off data crunching to an AWS Lambda instance and get the ready data back. I guess you could just do it server side but doing it with Lambda would be cool :-)