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Sep 2016
Guillaume Grossetie
Sep 10 2016 07:50 UTC
@fkchang I'm using Opal in Asciidoctor.js. I've created two Node.js packages: opal-runtime and opal-compiler. You will need to load nodejs and pathname modules.
@LeoDaoTao @jgaskins interesting, I will try to create an online service to convert AsciiDoc document ;)
Steve Tuckner
Sep 10 2016 18:39 UTC
don’t know if y’all saw this proposal for a new concurrency model for Ruby 3 by Koichi Sasada (of YARV fame).
What makes it interesting for Opal is that the new Guild class maps very well to WebWorkers meaning that multi-threaded code could be portable between MRI and Opal potentially
Forrest Chang
Sep 10 2016 22:19 UTC
@Mogztter cool, any docs, I'd like to make an opal/node app using some npm libs, what would the basic structure/steps be for such? Didn't see anything along those lines in the repos