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Sep 2016
Loïc Boutet
Sep 12 2016 14:56
quick questions guys
What exactly opal does transpile to? Is that JS, asm, ES6?
something else? :D
Jamie Gaskins
Sep 12 2016 15:27

ES4-ish? It tries to be compatible with some older IE versions (there's a discussion on how far back to go happening in #1558).

It would be nice to be able to compile to ES6 and then filter that through Babel for code compatible with ES5 and earlier, but that would encode an assumption that either you're okay with ES6 or you've got another filter in your pipeline for ES6 compilation.

Unfortunately, right now, those assumptions can't be made for apps using the Rails asset pipline (according to surveys such as Hampton Catlin's Ruby Survey, that's 85-90% of all Ruby web apps), so telling people to use Webpack would add a lot of friction to the current zero-hassle workflow of gem 'opal-rails'. :-\

Loïc Boutet
Sep 12 2016 15:34
I see !
Elia Schito
Sep 12 2016 20:47
@loicboutet @jgaskins actually we strive for ES3 and would be great to start running some quick smoke test on every interesting browser with something like (or similar) – I'd be happy to receive some guidance/help if anyone has any experience with that kind of setup