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Oct 2016
Forrest Chang
Oct 07 2016 19:27
@/all how do we feel about moving to webpack as the primary asset packaging? Since it seems like sprockets development has stagnated, this would be a forward thinking move, that can reap the advantages of all the momentum behind webpack and the js world in general? I realize that I have advocated a "Hybrid" approach which intends to make it as easy as possible for Ruby/Rails folks to adopt opal, and I still stand by that. Rails set the precedent here for how front end code is packaged, by way of sprockets, which itself has influenced the js asset packagers, but since sprockets has largely become abandonware w/@schneems trying to save it, perhaps the it's time to move on. Maybe webpack w/nice opal wrappers is something to think about. Thoughts?
Elia Schito
Oct 07 2016 20:27
@fkchang I'd be happy to add an official opal/opal-webpack repo (with its official maintainer :wink:), sprockets support has been extracted from opal@master to opal/opal-sprockets, paving the way exactly for this kind of things